Edition 134 - Friday 3rd July 2020

ArtsAlive 2019

Students from PDM participated in the annual Arts Alive Film Festival run by the DEC. This year a total of 5 films were selected as finalists and were shown in the Dendy Cinema’s at Circular Quay. Students were excited to see their work up on a big screen with other schools and students from across NSW. During the awards ceremony Year 10PDM students Kaithlyn Lowardi, Alexandra Duke-Yonge, Alicia Yap and Seohee Choi won a Gold Award for their video “Street Harassment”.

In addition the following students won Silver Awards:

Amber Wong, Yin Yin Chang, Serena Chen, Emily Ting for their video “Sustainable Living”

Lyn Ding, Qian Qian Feng, Catherine Zhang and Diane Lee for their video “Fast Fashion”

Zia Saber, Jeanne Ng, Katriel tan and Melissa Chen for their video “Fashion Photoshoot”

Jessica Gu, Stefanie Rutterman and Serena Wong for their video “Screen Addiction”

Congratulations to all the students above for your excellent achievement!

Yue Xing Chen