Edition 174 - Friday 12th August 2022

Australian Maths Trust

It’s competition season in Maths! In Term 2, NSG students participated in a range of competitions which are currently being graded.

All of Year 7 participated in the Australian Maths Trust (AMT): Computational and Algorithmic Thinking contest - a one-hour problem-solving competition, promoting curiosity and multiple modes of thinking. 249 students from Years 7-10 completed the AMC Maths Challenge competition and 92 students have commenced the AMC Maths Enrichment programme, designed to encourage creative problem solving in Maths.

This year for the first time, 5 students from the Informatics Club participated in Cupcakes, the UNSW High School Programming Competition. Here they worked to hone their skills in thinking about and implementing algorithms.

Last but not least, 18 students attempted the UNSW Annual School Mathematics Competition. Participants had three hours to attempt six incredibly difficult questions requiring mathematical insight and ingenuity.

We eagerly await the results of these competitions in Term 3!

Samuel McOnie