Edition 131 - Friday 22nd May 2020

Camerata Concert Band Tour

On 19th and 20th September, a number of students of Camerata and Concert Band were given the privilege of touring and performing within the Blue Mountains. The two days were filled with lots of travelling and though it was tough, tiring and cold at times, it has been great to see everyone grow closer to each other and develop their musical skills. It goes without saying that the effort put into practice could easily be seen during all the performances and were able to brighten the day of passers-by, proudly representing North Sydney Girls High. 

Students of Camerata and Concert Band performed at many venues from nursing and retirement villages to primary schools and tourist attractions. The two ensembles played to the best of their abilities to spread happiness or introduce music to young and bright minds. We were even given a great pleasure of being able to meet a North Sydney Girl alumni. Wherever we went, we were able to chat with our audience and all we heard were high praises. The audiences we performed in front of highly enjoyed our music, giving us several compliments and even being compared to a professional Sydney orchestra!

This tour was a great experience for all of year 7 and 8 but we can speak for many that the best part of the tour was knowing that tour was over and being able to get a good night's sleep. Though some aspects of tour were better than others, we all had a lot of fun and picked up several new skills along the way.

To all NSG students, Co-Curricular Music is a great environment of supportive conductors and students where we are able to learn and have fun with our peers. It is never too late to join the CCM family, and if you don’t play an instrument or would like to play a second instrument, there are always bands such as junior strings and beginner band just for you. 

On behalf of everyone who attended, we would like to thank Edward, Mar’yana, Ms Shute, Ms Connors, Melanie Lindsay and all parents of the P&C. Thank you for making this tour happen and we are all looking forward to next year's!

Kelly Li (Camerata Ensemble Representative) and Melody Young (Concert Band Ensemble Representative)