Edition 149 - Thursday 1st April 2021

Charities and Social Justice Council

The Charities and Social Justice Council (CSJC) celebrated International Women’s Day on the 5th of March and collaborated with Women’s Collective to create a successful day that commemorates all the achievements of women. This year’s theme for IWD was “#choosetochallenge”, its motive to convince individuals to challenge social norms and inequalities and promote change in our world.

CSJC sold International women’s day ribbons to not only support women worldwide, but to also allow all students to be a part of helping this cause. We held a mufti day, and all the funds that were raised were donated to UN Women, an organisation that provides assistance to significantly underprivileged women. Women’s collective held a photobooth on this day and created a series on Instagram called “powerful women in real time”. This series included interviews of women from our school, aiming to empower and recognise their achievements.

Through this event, we hope students have had the opportunity to become more active participants in empowering other women and challenging social norms.

Hiba Zanjani

President of CSJC