Edition 131 - Friday 22nd May 2020

Co-Curricular Music

This week NSGHS Co-Curricular Music bade farewell to our fantastic Year 12 Students. Many of these students have been playing music with the Program since they were in year 7. We applaud their commitment to their ensembles, to music and to their conductors during some of the most challenging years of high school life. This past Monday they shared a lovely breakfast with our Director of Ensembles Steven Hillinger. Congratulations and thank you to the following students – you will be missed!

Jessica Bae (SO)

Sophia Chen (WO)

Joli Doan (2018 Music Captain, WO)

Ji Min Eun (SO)

Stephanie Ho (SO)

Joanna Hua (WO, CO)

Sue Huang (AC)

Sissy Qin (SO)

Michelle Teng (SO, WO)

Angelina Tran (WO)

Alison Xie (SO)

Angela Zhang (SO)

Christa Zhang (WO)

Chelsea Zhou (SO)

Millie Zhou (WO)

Edward McKnight