Edition 149 - Thursday 1st April 2021

Education Perfect World Championship

Recently Year 8, 9 and 10 students studying a language competed for a week in the Education Perfect World Championship. After taking a break last year from the competition, it was pleasing to see students once again achieving amazing results.

We received the following awards:

Elite (10,000 points): 4

Miki Kou Yr 8

Cloris Liang Yr 9

Bhavya Ranjan Yr 8

Joanne Soviner Yr 8

Emerald (5,000 points): 6

Gold (3,000 points): 18

Silver (2,000 points): 14

Bronze (1,000 points): 49

Credit (500 points): 54


Winning country:  Australia out of 60 countries


Overall results for NSGHS:

World Ranking: 17th overall out of 1,894 schools

Australia: 11th out of 1,231 schools

NSW: 2nd out of 343 schools


251 – 500 students category:

world: 3rd out of 401 schools

Australia: 2nd out of 278 schools

NSW: 1st out of 68 schools


Individual language results:

Latin: 1st overall out of 781 schools

            1st in 251 – 500 student category out of 229 schools

            1st in NSW out of 129 schools

Japanese: 3rd in NSW out of 234 schools

French: 5th in NSW out of 248 schools

              1st in NSW Association of French Teachers


Congratulations to everyone who participated.

Mrs Bernadette Kulesz