Edition 182 - Friday 18th November 2022


風呂敷 (Furoshiki) is a Japanese, reusable cloth used for wrapping and transporting goods. It is traditional to Japan, and almost every Japanese household has Furoshiki cloth. Environmentally friendly, this cloth is anything but single use. Goods of any shapes and sizes can be wrapped in a Furoshiki cloth, as long as the cloth is large/wide enough.

Furoshiki was originally used to wrap up kimonos in bathhouses so that people would not confuse their own clothes with others’. Furoshiki’s were decorated with a person’s family crest and emblems for easy identification. Bathhouses were known for relaxing, washing, and socialising, so it wasn’t before long the Furoshiki cloth custom was spread across Japan. People would also stand on the Furoshiki cloth while drying off, hence the name ‘Furoshiki’ (‘bath spread’).

Year 8 classes took on the challenge to try replicate some Japanese Furoshiki wrapping techniques. Each student was given a Furoshiki cloth to wrap around items such as pencil cases, tissue boxes, books, and more. By taking part in this activity, Year 8 was able to experience some of Japan’s unique culture. Many students enjoyed wrapping items in Furoshiki cloths. Large smiles were common among the class, especially when a student had finished wrapping an item of their choice successfully using a Japanese Furoshiki technique. Thank you to Sharif Sensei for organising this incursion for our classes.

Kassandra Scott

Year 8