Edition 182 - Friday 18th November 2022

HSC Latin Study Day

Late last term our Year 12 Latin students participated in this annual event, organised by the Classical Languages Teachers Association, this year hosted by Barker College. Our beloved Emily Matters was one of the founders of this association, as we were reminded by one of the Barker teachers, and this was one of her favourite events.

After a welcome from Barker’s principal in which he referred to Reconciliation, the ‘deep purposes of language’ and the story telling traditions of ancient cultures, a current Classics PhD student spoke about the joys of being part of the ‘community of Classics’ and its ability to connect past and present.

Most of the HSC candidature for both Continuers and Extension were in the audience for learned speakers who spoke about each of the HSC prescribed texts, illustrated with art works ancient and modern and witty cartoons. Questions were encouraged and many interesting points were considered. There were also sessions from experienced teachers about the writing – in exam conditions – of effective extended responses and the tackling and understanding of unprepared Latin texts.

Our students were also able to mix with students from other schools at morning tea and lunch breaks and though weary after such an intense day, assured me that it was ‘worth it’!

Karyn Moon