Edition 182 - Friday 18th November 2022


The annual JTAN Year 12 Japanese Continuers Speaking Day was held via Zoom on Saturday June 4th.

Year 12 Japanese Continuers students from North Sydney Girls who attended the day were tested in a similar format to the HSC Oral Examination by a range of experienced HSC Japanese examiners. Mrs Mizoshiri and Mrs Sharif conducted interviews for students on the day.

Girls were given immediate feedback on their performance and how they can improve for the HSC Oral Examination in August. Speaking to a variety of Japanese teachers gives girls confidence in their ability and those who benefited greatly from the day.

“It was a very helpful day” – Megan Do

We wish all our Year 12 Continuers and Extension Languages students all the very best for their upcoming HSC Oral examinations in August/September!


Ganbatte kudasai,

Mrs Mizoshiri, Mrs Sharif and Mr Tran

Languages Department