Edition 129 - Thursday 9th April 2020

Library News

In this strange time we find ourselves in we can spend time reading some of those books we have looked forward to. Perhaps work through that pile on your bedside table. Reading is a great way of relieving stress and enjoying time as we increasingly have to take a step back from going out.

E books are a great source for all of us at NSGHS and you can access them through the Library (Oliver) site which you have on your devices. In fact Wheelers, who provide our E books have added additional titles to provide for more ‘readers’ accessing the resources due to Covid 19. All of you should have an email from the beginning of the year where you received your username and password. If you can’t find it or are having difficulty please get in touch with the Library staff.

Another provider, Audible, is granting free access to many books for children and adults to allow reading at this time of unprecedented circumstances. Audio books are a wonderful resource and have they have a huge range available.

Other useful resources are podcasts and there are many excellent ones available. A few we would like to suggest are Book Club for Kids, RadioLab (good for year 7-9 which delves into the world of science), Stuff you missed in History Class – a great way to learn about events and people often overlooked and of course there are many excellent TED talks.

Mrs Birbara & Mrs O'Grady