Edition 150 - Friday 30th April 2021


Last Saturday was Round 1 of the netball seasons for 2021, and 17 of our school netball teams played. The girls all competed amazingly with such skill and teamwork. Thank you to all of the parents for your support and patience during this time, as we adjust to the new system of the scoring app. It was nice to meet some of you on the courts, and see so many of you supporting and cheering for your daughters. It was a successful start to the season and I want to take some time to thank all the people who helped make this day happen.

Thank you to:

-          Ms Parnaby for her continuous support to Netball at NSG, and also for taking care of organising and distributing our netball uniform to the girls. She is also a great coach to our teams.

-          Our coach convenor: Benjamin Lin. His active dedication and hard work have made the coaching system a success. His experience mentoring and organising coaching accreditation and trainings is a valuable part in making this season possible.

-          The netball coaches for dedicating their time to train and mentor our players during the week and on game time.

-          Ms Connors for being a great help as a netball coach for the season, her enthusiasm and participation is highly appreciated.

-          Our Junior and Senior Umpire Convenors: Danielle Liu and Grace Song. They have been a huge help in making sure our umpires are accredited and ready for the season. They have also organised roasters for the umpires, who have all done a great job umpiring so far.

-          Our Kitbag manager: Yuepei Deng. She has the important role in checking and preparing the kitbags for every team. Her continued help prior to the season starting has played an important role in making sure our teams are ready for the season.

-          Our Volunteer Convenor: Colleen Liu. Thank you for taking on this role, and helping with organising and communicating with team managers. It has been a busy time and your huge support in appreciated.

-          The other members of our netball committee, Shalini Weerasinghe our Treasurer and Kate Thomas our Assistant Convenor. Their help and support have contributed to the smooth start to the season.

We are glad that our girls have the opportunity to play this wonderful sport, and compete with other clubs again after a year-long break. Go NSG!

Fatima Bloul

NSGHS Netball Club Convenor