Edition 174 - Friday 12th August 2022

NSGHS Showcase Concert 2022

A huge thank you and congratulations on a wonderful display of musical talent and teamwork at last night’s Showcase Concert. Thank you to all our parent volunteers for giving up so much of your time in the lead up to the event and for a very long day yesterday (especially the loading crew, whose day ended just before 11pm back at school!) – the smoothness with which everything ran is thanks to everyone who was working hard backstage.

Congratulations to my fellow Musical Directors: Steve Hillinger, Alayne Cleghorn, and especially Louise Horwood – Louise ended up playing trumpet in half of the ensembles last night (in addition to conducting!) due to many of our trumpets being absent with illness. The concert sounded stunning thanks to your expertise!

Thank you so much to all NSGHS staff who came to watch the concert – certainly the largest staff showing of any musical event I’ve ran at NSG. It means so much to our students having your support for the work they do outside the classroom, and it really made it a special school event having all of you there.

Congratulations to everyone who performed – after so many lockdowns over the past few years, months of practice and rehearsals really mean something again. A special congratulations to Sonia and Nicole for their stunning solo/concerto items – brava both of you.

Edward McKnight

Coordinator of Co-Curricular Music