Edition 129 - Thursday 9th April 2020

SRC, Charities and Social Justice

In the midst of this global crisis, there are many things we as individuals can do to lessen the impact. At NSG, we strive to achieve our highest potential, learning skills of teamwork, flexibility, dedication, leadership and a host of others. During this unprecedented time, it is no different. Although we are not physically united, the NSG community will continue to strive toward higher things, maintaining a positive mindset as we wade these uncharted waters.  Each individual student embodies an aspect of our school spirit that not only provides them with a willingness to learn, but a desire to contribute to the global community; and our diverse student body aims to do just that, utilising the passion and drive of our student voice groups to provide support to those in need. 


As we transition to online communication, it is vital that students continue to approach their learning with the same fervour as they would in a classroom. As NSGs, we are well-adapted to take everything in our stride and we can take this as an opportunity to experiment with different modes of learning and living. Students are encouraged to use this period to develop healthy study habits and take initiative for their own education. We have been given a golden chance to learn more about ourselves, away from the bustle of our day-to-day lives. We hope you can now find time to try something new or do the things you were previously too busy for. It is also crucial that we look after our own health and that of our family, friends and broader community. The SRC encourages students to maintain healthy practices, which include regular study breaks, nutritious meals and physical activity. 


It is also in these times, that we reflect upon what we as individuals can do in the service of those in our communities. It is extremely crucial that we work together, as it is crises like these that truly showcase the goodwill of humanity. We encourage every student to lend a hand where they can, whether it be doing groceries for an elderly neighbour or playing your part in flattening the curve by just staying at home. We understand that you may be feeling scared or helpless about this situation, but just know that you are making a difference with every single action you take. These times are tough for everyone, so know that you are not alone. If you need a hand, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Our NSG community is sure to support you. 


Take this as an opportunity, to not only find out what works for you learning wise, but to spend time with your family and enjoy your own company. We hope you take this time to reflect on what you are truly grateful for, maintain healthy practices and a positive mindset. 

Caitlan Loh and Katriel Tan