Edition 178 - Friday 23rd September 2022

Support for Young Teens

Events and Support Services

Northern Beaches Child and Family Interagency Forum, Northern Beaches Council. Online event to learn about managing screen time and addiction, social media, gaming and the impact on addiction, mood management and lifelong learning. Understand what a safe online environment looks like, how emotional dis-regulation and trauma can affect children as they grow up. Tuesday 16th August 9.30am-12.30pm.

Tuning Into Teens, Catholic Care. Free Korean Parenting Course; An online program to assist parents grow their understanding of teenagers, through emotionally intelligent parenting. This workshop takes place from 23rd August to 27th September, on Tuesday morning from 10:00am-12:00pm. Specifically targeted for Korean families, and parents. Free.

Parents Prepared, Northern Beaches Council. Online event providing information about drug and alcohol use & young people. Thursday 1st September, 4.30pm-6pm. Cost $10.

Supporting Yourself - Carers, Head to Health. Resources to provide support to parents and carers.


New research finds that stress about the future is impacting the wellbeing of young Aussies

Help your child develop coping skills for stress - ReachOut Parents

Mindsets and learning from failure - ReachOut Parents (tips for helping your child develop a growth mindset)

Amy Thomas

Student Support Officer