Edition 182 - Friday 18th November 2022

Sydney Opera House

Co-Curricular Music students have received a very special invitation to perform alongside musicians from The Arts Unit, the NSW Regional Youth Orchestra, and members of the renowned Australian World Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House on September 3rd. Limited positions have been made available for some of our students to perform Hold Fast (written by Edward McKnight, premiered at the NSG Showcase Concert) in a combined orchestra of nearly 120 players.

This concert has just opened ticket sales – please follow the following link:


Registrations for student participation will soon be emailed out along with information regarding the event.

My sincere thanks to Fiona Harris (Education Manager, Australian World Orchestra) and Patrick Brennan (Artistic Director, Central Coast Conservatorium) for their support of NSG students participating in this very special event.

Edward McKnight

Co-curricular Music