Edition 182 - Friday 18th November 2022

U-Week 2022

In Week 3 this term, NSG ran U-week, which is an event organised by the CSJC that allows student voice groups to let the wider school community know about their group. This year was particularly special, as it was our first U-week since 2019, and gave all our student groups an opportunity to get more people involved after groups were unable to run due to the many restrictions that came with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the very rainy weather restricting some groups from running their larger activities, everyone was able to adapt and make compromises to ensure that we could run a successful U-week.

A huge congratulations to the student voice group execs who were able to put together highly engaging and informative stalls and for many of you, having just been elected. Due to the COVID restrictions last year, grades could not mix and student voice groups were unable to run, meaning that many execs were not elected until late term 1 or even term 2 this year.

Apart from the actual information stalls, other highlights included the live music by CCM on Friday, the numerous bake sales run over the three days, and all the other games and activities organised by the groups.

All of the groups got many people to sign up during U-week, which led to larger turnouts at the recess/lunchtime meetings that occurred over the last week. We look forward to seeing student voice groups continue to grow at NSG, and for the student-run fundraisers and events that will take place throughout the rest of the year.

Amaya Kumarage

Liaison Officer, Charities and Social Justice Council