Edition 144 - Friday 4th December 2020

Volleyball Interschool Mini Competition

COVID has been tough on our volleyball players this year. Cancelled competitions, cancelled coach, and cancelled trainings. Yet, every chance students had to grab a ball and drill routines they took it.

With such an unyielding student enthusiasm for this great game, we thought organising a mini-comp could be a way of giving these fine students an outlet for all their hard work.

So, 5 local high schools including PLC, Sydney Girls and Willoughby were invited to an impromptu competition where they battled it out in three grade levels.

Our new and dedicated Year 9 team fought some of the most elite teams in the area and put up a good fight. The Year 10s had a gruelling bout with some top competition teams and played well showing how far they have come in just a few years.

The highlight came from the exceptional game play of the 7/8 team. With some stunning set plays and routine returns, this bunch of first year volleyballers took out 2nd place overall. An excellent outcome and reward for their dedication to training this year.

I congratulate all of our volleyball players and those training-up on getting through this year while still managing to keep on top of their practice and look forward to normal competition next year.

A final mention, Minqing Ning is a Year 10 student who is leaving us for greener pastures. She started a volleyball revolution when she was in Year 9 and with her leadership and organisation of training and development squads pioneered the current teams and enthusiasm. Minqing inspired so many young players to reach higher and enjoy the defeat as experience instead of being self-critical.

On behalf of the team and from myself, I wish you all the best in your new school and look forward to facing you on the court.

Matthew Donald

Volleyball Coordinator NSGHS