Edition 182 - Friday 18th November 2022

Year 11 Food Technology

Last term in year 11 Food Technology the students have been exploring the topic of Nutrition. The class started with the basics of the 6 main nutrients; what foods they are found in, how the body absorbs and uses each nutrient, and the risks of under or over consuming certain nutrients. In the second half of the term, the students are now looking into applying the information that they have learnt so far. This has been through outlining dietary plans and established guidelines for food consumption. An example of a practical lesson the class completed was in week 6 where students worked in groups to design a recipe which increased overall mineral absorption (see photos attached).

Students have been working hard on their term assessment in Nutrition as they develop and justify a one-day meal plan for selected lifecycle stage with additional dietary considerations. Early in term 2, each student in the class will practically prepare a recipe from their meal plan. I look forward to how the class are going to apply their understanding of Nutrition from this term – great work so far year 11, keep it up!

Kate Ryan