Edition 174 - Friday 12th August 2022

Year 11 Food Technology

Over the course of term 2, the Year 11 Food Technology students have been studying the topic “Food Availability and Selection”. This unit has explored how we are influenced by the foods available to us (both globally and locally), and the factors affecting how we make food choices. The factors that affect our food selection, or choices, are grouped under four categories: physiological, psychological, social and economic. As a practical challenge, the class were given different scenarios of families with a range of dietary needs and asked to cater for these needs. The challenge didn’t stop there, as the students were given restrictions on the foods available to them at school and then given a maximum of $12 to spend to make 2 meals for their family scenarios. Students worked in groups to design these meal plans, and then as a class we went to Woolworths at Crows Nest to purchase the foods. The class worked hard with the various restrictions they faced. I look forward to see the various ways these students can apply their understanding of the course content in the future. Great work Year 11!

Kate Ryan