Edition 182 - Friday 18th November 2022

Year 11 Site Visit

On Tuesday 8th March, a group of nine Year 11 students interested in a STEM related career, visited the Lend Lease office in Miller St, North Sydney. There they were treated to an overview of the highly complex design and construction process involved in the development of the Sydney Metro Victoria Cross Station, which is due for completion in 2023/24. Unfortunately, due to safety concerns arising from the inclement weather, the highly anticipated tour of the actual Station cavern had to be postponed, but Lend Lease have generously offered to undertake this tour at a later date.

However, the visit provided the students with a broader understanding of the varied and challenging roles available to those with an interest in STEM – from engineering, construction and design project management, to data science and sustainability. They were also given the opportunity to speak to a range of staff within Lend Lease and were able to ask questions about the types of everyday tasks they undertake within their jobs and the pathways they followed that led them to Lend Lease.

The visit was timely as it coincided with International Womens Day and as such provided a perfect platform for this group of students with an interest in a STEM related career.

Geraldine Pratt