Edition 144 - Friday 4th December 2020

Year 8 TAS

During term 4 the class 8TM7 has been completing the Food and Agriculture Technology unit for year 8. Students in years 7 and 8 complete a different Technology Mandatory unit each term over stage 4. The year 8 Food/Ag unit is based around sustainability and this term 8TM7 preserved seasonal fruits and vegetables to be utilised in recipes of their choice. Students were able to test these recipes out in the kitchens and prepared some excellent food items. The preserved fruit and vegetables were made into jams; banana and chilli jams.

Attached are a selection of foods 8TM7 made during the term, including pesto pasta (using herbs from the school garden to make their own pesto) and food items from the main practical lessons using the preserves. Enjoy!

Kate Ryan