Edition 125 - Friday 14th February 2020

Year 9 Japanese

On the 2nd of August, students in Year 9 elective Japanese classes participated in a Japanese calligraphy incursion led by Consulate Staff from the Japanese Consulate in Sydney. Students learnt about the basics of calligraphy and stroke order of Kanji characters. Students also considered how ‘Shodo’ is used in Japan in everyday life. Students practiced the stroke order of specific Kanji for words such as the elements (月・火), words for Australia & Japan (日本・豪州) and nature(木・花・山).

Students had the opportunity to write their chosen Kanji on Japanese washi paper using traditional fude brushes. Students were immersed in Japanese culture and thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on incursion. 

We thank the Consulate Staff, Mr Tsuchiya, Ms Shroeder and Mr Villadiego for coming to NSGHS and for sharing their experiences of learning shodo with our students.

“I really enjoyed the incursion and learning calligraphy and the sounds to help me do the brush strokes was very interesting!”  Minqing, Year 9

Mrs Mizoshiri and Mr Tran​