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Friday, September 3, 2021

From the Principal

Thank you to our teachers and students who have been working so hard to keep engaged, learning, complete assessments...

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PDHPE are excited to launch their new PE @ Home resource page for the NSG community. The website features a number of...

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Award for SASS

Our amazing Administration Staff were nominated for the Executive Director’s Awards of the Department of Education and...

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Charities and Social Justice Council and SRC

The past few weeks have been hard for many of us, however, it has been especially tough for our teachers, and so the...

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Year 12 Visual Arts

We can’t yet share any photos of the student’s work, but I just wanted to make a public shout out to all of the amazing...

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Inside NSG

Please see the PDF below for a lockdown 'check-in' interview with Ms Ackling.

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Year 10 PDM

Year 10 Photographic and Digital Media students have been working through an exciting unit that aims to broaden their...

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Year 9 PDM

The students in year 9 Photographic and Digital Media have all just submitted their very own experimental films and...

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Year 8 Visual Arts

During online learning this term, Year 8 Visual Arts students have been learning to use skills in Adobe Photoshop to...

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Body Kind

Please see attached PDF to help parents connect with your teenager on body image.

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NSG P&C Competition

NSG P&C needs your support in our volunteer reward programs with your artistic talents. For 2022, we will continue...

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NSW Japanese Speech Contest 2021

NSGHS students of Japanese participated in the NSW State Finals of the Japanese Speech Contest Online via Zoom on...

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Calendar Events

Year 11 Yearly Examinations Start Time: 06/09/2021 7:30:00 AMEnd Time: 10/09/2021 5:30:00 PMDescription: Year 11 Yearly...

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School Communication Protocols

Our communication protocols have been put together to ensure that your enquiry reaches the appropriate staff member and...

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School Term Dates 2021

2021 Term 3 - Students return Tuesday 13 July to Friday 17 September Term 4 - Students return Tuesday 5 October to...

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Office Hours, Leave Applications, School Contributions

School contributions – parents are reminded of the importance of school financial contributions towards the funding of...

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