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Thursday, April 9, 2020

From the Principal

As we approach the end of Term 1, I would like to wish everyone a well deserved holiday. Such a difficult term was made...

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Presentation to Parents and Students

Please see Presentation for Term 2

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Wellbeing and Brain Fitness while Learning at Home During this time where we are dealing with significant change in our...

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Library News

There’s a bear in there ... NSGHS joins the great Bear hunt. Our NSG bears are missing their friends. We also have a...

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Gym Refurbishment

Our Gym is having a makeover see photos

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Year 7 Food Technology

In term 1 the students in 7TM4 were working towards completing their practical assessment for their “Food Technology”...

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NSG Prefects

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the end of Term 1 - we made it!! We hope that you have managed to settle in this new online...

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Holiday Activities

  As school holidays are approaching (or have arrived for some already), just sharing a helpful list of activities...

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NSG Book Club

When people read about it online, the most difficult thing about isolation is the intense boredom and lack of...

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School Term Dates 2020

2020 Term 2 - Students return Tuesday 28 April to Friday 3 July Term 3 - Students return Tuesday 21 July to Friday 25...

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Office Hours, Leave Applications, School Contributions

School contributions – parents are reminded of the importance of school financial contributions towards the funding of...

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Calendar Events

YR9 Submission: Yr9 French T1 Hand-in Assess Task Start Time: 09/04/2020 3:00:00 PMEnd Time: 09/04/2020 3:00:00...

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