Edition 125 - Friday 14th February 2020

From the Principal

Congratulations to our new student leadership team for 2019/2020: School Captain Siluni Athauda, Vice Captain Katie Kim and Senior Prefect Sijin Soon.

We were honoured to host a visit from the Minister of Education, The Honourable Sarah Mitchell and 40 principals. The focus of our meeting was the new High Potential and Gifted Students policy. Our students, Alexandra Fraser (12), Chiara Ly (10) and Mira Healey (10) presented on our NESA endorsed Philosophy courses and Philosothons. The presentation was spectacular and our students so impressive.

The Creative Intelligences Showcase was spectacular and opened to a record audience on Wednesday evening. Thank you to our CAPA, TAS and Science teachers who nurtured and supported the amazing talents of our students. Thank you to Ms Kate Tapp, Ms Kate Cole-Harper, Ms Jessica Piat, Ms Suzanne Oyston, Ms Yue Xin Chen, Dr Jane Naylor, Mr David Morrison, Ms Kate Lovelace, Ms Alayne Cleghorn, Ms Kate Ryan, Mr Matthew Donald and Mr Alex Stojanovic. The showcase of Year 12 Visual Arts and Textiles and Design major works, Year 11 and Stage 5 Visual Arts, Music, Photography and Digital Media, Videos for Change, Food Technology, Information Systems, Textiles and Design and ISTEM student work was impressive. Congratulations to our students, teachers and thank you to all parents and students who visited the showcase.

Last night we enjoyed a soiree of beautiful music performed by our Music 2 and Extension Music students. Thank you to Ms Oyston and Mr Stojanovic for hosting this event and guiding students to this high level. We wish our students well in their upcoming HSC performance examinations.

Thank you to Ms Susie Young, our Head Teacher of English who presented on Wednesday evening at the P&C meeting. Ms Young shared her insights on how parents can support and assist students in their learning of English and also shared her expertise of the new English Syllabuses. Ms Young recommended that all students read for pleasure for 30 minutes every day and emphasised the importance of reflective, creative and analytical writing to process what has been read.

There is always something exciting happening in the world of sport at North Sydney Girls. Last Saturday it was wonderful to watch 15 teams compete in their semi-finals. It was great to see the grit and determination of the students and their coaches. As Mr Jian Li, our convener, said “ Play hard and have fun!”. We wish our teams further success as they move closer to the Grand Final. I really encourage all parents to come and watch their daughters play their finals. Wishing everyone a great game this Saturday.

It was lovely to receive the following email last week:

“I caught the bus this evening from Crows Nest. There was a group of about twelve young ladies wearing NSG basketball uniforms waiting for the bus. 

 There was a queue of people waiting to get on the bus that was relatively full. The young girls from NSG clearly offered the women in the queue to jump on the bus first, then I offered the young girls to get on before me.

 They insisted that the rest of the public got on before them. 

 It is a shame that seldom we see this kind of polite courteous behaviour from the youth of today.


 This week we celebrated SASS appreciation week. Our support staff do an incredible job of supporting teaching and learning at our school. It would be impossible to educate and nurture our students without the dedication, commitment and expertise of our support staff. I would like to acknowledge the amazing work of:

Carole Gale, Our School Administration Manager
Lisa Taylor, Accounts Receivable/Student Assistance
Carrie Bendall, Accounts Payable/Finance
Leanne Johnstone, Accounts Payable/Events/Enrolments
Robina Bonwick, Accounts Payable/Compliance/Business Partners
Jennifer Peters, Student Reports/Attendance
Ruth Colsell, Reception/First Aid/Assets
Imelda Wong, Printing/Student Support
Caroline Hare, Publicity/Events/Enrolments
Cherry Wilkins, Laboratory Manager
Jennifer Davies, TAS Support
Alison Hatzantonis, Accounts Receivable/Laboratory Assistant
Julie Steptoe, Compliance/Staffing
Maggie Burke, Project Management/Business Partners
Leanne O’Grady, Library Assistant/Finance/Refurbishment
Phillip Carty, Technology Team
Leonard Gale, Technology Team
Mimi Feng, Technology Team
Michael Mowbray, Technology Team
Lee Tuckwell, Technology Team
David Chamney, General Assistant
Michael Leydon, General Assistant

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Megan Connors