Edition 134 - Friday 3rd July 2020

From the Principal

On Saturday North Sydney Girls High School competed in and won the NSW Philosothon for the 5th time. What a fabulous achievement and a true testament to the growth of our critical and creative thinking skills. Congratulations to the students who competed and their teachers Mr Gregory Henshaw and Dr Britta Jensen. The team also had outstanding individual performances in the four age divisions with Ella Uhlmann (1st), Rianna Allen (1st), Mira Healy (2nd) and Laura Moe (2nd). Our sincere congratulations.

Congratulations also to Annabel Chen who won the NSW Philosophy Essay Competition with Nicole Chen and Zali Slunjski receiving honourable mentions.

Congratulations to our newly inducted student voice groups - Charities and Social Justice and our Student Representative Council. Thank you to Ms Maguire and Ms Juhasz who offer constant inspiration, support and leadership to each of these teams.

A huge thank you to the wonderful teams of 2018-2019 and thank you to Siluni Athauda and Sijin Soon who led exceptional leadership teams.

My message to our students at our Induction ceremony included this extract from my address:

“We often hear the term ‘student voice’ and as teachers we understand how important it is to the learning of students and the growth of a school. It is so important that every individual student learns to use their voice – whether it is in class to ask questions, whether it is at a party to ensure our friends are safe or whether it is to advocate for change and speak out against injustice. Speaking up can sometimes feel uncomfortable, I do not know many people who like doing it, but it is so crucial in creating the world we want to live in.

As your elected representatives your SRC and Social Justice and Charity teams can and should be your voice. Empower them by sharing your thoughts, concerns and dreams and ensure their next year as our leaders is successful.”

We are so proud to announce the first of our 2019 HSC successes.

  • Two students have been nominated for selection in Texstyle, the annual exhibition of outstanding Major Textiles Projects developed by HSC Textiles and Design students to be held in early March 2020. Congratulations to Carmen Peng and Jesmina Varunu of Year 12.
  • Two students have also been nominated for consideration for inclusion in Art Express. Congratulations to Sophie Zhang and Jessica Bae of Year 12.

Although Year 12 have begun a wonderful holiday season, they are very much in our thoughts. This week I have run interview practice sessions for students preparing for scholarship, Coop or medical interviews. Year 12 students will also join us for a celebratory morning tea on Wednesday 18th December.

Last week we witnessed our first Classical Greek class, in many years, sit their HSC exams. We wish the students and Dr Matters every success and are very pleased to see two of our accelerated students move into Extension Classical Greek in 2020.

Year 10 have enjoyed and experienced the world of work this week. It is so important that students gain many experiences while still at school – this can be through work experience, volunteer work, part time work or shadowing family and friends.

With the end of the year just around the corner, our P&C is proud to present a festive family event, “Build-a-Gingerbread-House” on Saturday 7th Dec at 4pm.  It will be a great chance to spend some “sweet” time with your daughter, family and NSG community. 

Cost for the event is $20 for 1 gingerbread house per family (partially subsidised by P&C). Sweets will be supplied for the house but you are strongly encouraged to bring additional sweets of your own choice to make your house truly special. 

The P&C would also like to use this opportunity to thank all the parent volunteers who have selflessly given up their time and help with the school events and programs.  So, if you have helped out in any school events or programs (eg canteen, sports or other P&C activities/events), you are welcome to attend this event at no cost.

RSVP and payment deadline is 29th Nov at 5pm. Parents have been emailed and we would love to see both parents and their children at this event. Any questions please contact our P&C Vice President Alice To via email social.pandc.nsghs@gmail.com.

Next Wednesday evening at 7pm is our last P&C meeting in 2019. It is an important meeting as the P&C need to put forward the 2020 Budget for approval. I would also like to discuss our school priorities for 2020 and our move into the next three year plan (2021-2023).  It would be wonderful to see many families represented.

Although we are moving into our last four weeks of 2019, students and teachers are still engaged in meaningful and exciting learning opportunities. Please ensure your child attends school every day and is on time each day.

Have a wonderful fortnight ahead.



Megan Connors