Edition 129 - Thursday 9th April 2020

From the Principal

As our school moves into a new model, I would like to stress the importance of us all remaining one community/one family. Thank you to all our parents and students for their patience in this challenging time. Although school is open to students in need, most parents have chosen to keep their children at home. If not at school, students must be at home and continuing their schooling.

I cannot thank enough the magnificent teachers and support staff we have at NSGHS. While many in our community are feeling bored and looking for things to do, teachers are working harder and in more challenging circumstances. I feel so blessed to lead such a professional and dedicated team. It was lovely to receive the appreciation of parents at last night’s P&C meeting.

Yesterday an email went home to explain to parents and students our plan for learning from home – please read carefully if you have any questions please contact us at school.


North Sydney Girls High School

Advice to Parents and Students: Plan for Learning at Home

Wednesday 25 March 2020


The Premier of NSW has encouraged families to keep children at home for the time being.

In accordance with the Department of Education’s (DoE) advice, North Sydney Girls High School continues to remain open for students whose parents are engaged in essential services and students who are at risk.

The following arrangements are in place to enable students to learn from home.


We will be using the following platforms to deliver learning to students:

            NSG Portal – LMS

            Google Classrooms

            Microsoft Teams

            Adobe Connect


            Microsoft Teams – No student video broadcasting

            Adobe Connect

            Year 12 ONLY – Zoom – to connect to each other / not teachers

Any student that has any technology concerns or issues please log an IT ticket – now on the front page of the student portal. Any student without internet should also contact us at school.

There are many fabulous resources to assist parents and students in ensuring successful home learning. Please explore resources found at:



Ensuring all of us are well and brain fit is a priority and responsibility of all of us.

Research suggests six ways of promoting positive wellbeing (NEF, UK, 2008)

Connect                   Although we are spatially apart we can still be very connected

Be Active                 Keep moving, exercising, dancing

Take notice             Check in with yourself and your students (How are we going?)

Keep Learning       Goal – Keep learning – enjoy, take your time, explore

Give                         The act of giving/sharing is very positive for our mental health

Be nourished         Healthy eating, sleeping – nutrition for the brain

As parents, students and teachers we will all need to do our best to follow these tenets – connect with each other, keep active in our homes, take notice of how we are feeling, set learning as our goal, continue to be generous and give to others and nourish ourselves with healthy food and plenty of sleep.

Students will continue to have access to the school’s Wellbeing Team: Head Teacher Wellbeing, Counsellors, Year Advisers, Learning & Support Teachers, Principal and Deputy Principals.

If a student has a wellbeing concern then they are able to lodge a ticket via the Wellbeing Ticket System on the school’s portal. The concern will then be forwarded to the appropriate staff member who will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

Further information will be made available via the Wellbeing page on the school’s website:


HSC 2020 The NESA website has been updated. Here is the link https://educationstandards.nsw.edu.au/wps/portal/nesa/about/news/media-releases/media-release-detail/2020-HSC-is-going-ahead

Following the meeting, Chair of the NESA Board Professor Peter Shergold said he had three important messages for HSC students:

We know you are worried. While we recognise we are facing an unprecedented situation, we want to assure you that you will be able to get a HSC certificate this year, and that the certificate will facilitate access to university, further education and employment, as it has for students over the past 50 years.

Keep learning, do your assessments as advised by your school, make progress on your major projects where you can and, most importantly, look after yourself, whether you are at school or at home. Reach out to family, friends and your teachers if you need to.

If you get sick, your school and NESA have provisions to ensure you are not disadvantaged.

We will keep in constant touch with our Year 12 students and ensure they are able to learn and show off their fabulous knowledge to achieve their personal goals.

Last night we held our P&C meeting via zoom. It was wonderful to connect with parents in this unusual environment. Please find the email sent to all families containing documents relating to last night’s meeting. At the meeting the reviewed By-Laws of the P&C were discussed and the full document is available for you to read. The P&C have done a fabulous job in reviewing the By-Laws and streamlining the process.

As the economy is threatened and incomes are reduced and lost we are very concerned that our families will face enormous stress and strain. If there is anything we can do to assist, please contact the school or myself megan.connors@det.nsw.edu.au

Although a cliché, these difficult times to help us realise what is truly important. Please keep safe and well, treasure your family and be patient with your gorgeous teenagers.

Megan Connors