Edition 131 - Friday 22nd May 2020

From the Principal

On Wednesday evening (27th May at 7pm) the P&C will host the meeting via zoom. Our presentation will be on our 2019 HSC results and will be presented by Ms Sue Oyston, Deputy Principal. Please join the zoom meeting if you can. Zoom details and agenda will be forwarded in a separate email.

On Monday all students will return to face to face classroom lessons. Please see our featured article which outlines the Department of Education advice and guidelines for our return.

Attendance in face to face lessons is now mandatory and no online lessons / work will be provided to students. The Department have stated very clearly that the "one" unit of work is now face to face. Absences will be recorded.

If your child is unwell we do ask that you keep her at home and this absence will be explained as sick leave.

We have received a number of questions about our return and I will answer below:

School start and finish times: Official school times remain the same.

Start                9am

Finish               3.15pm

Supervision will be provided to all students between 9 and 3.15pm.

Staggered start times for different years / classes:

Families may choose to take advantage of the following start times:

Year 8 students may come to school later and start at 11am on Wednesday.

Year 7R students may come to school later and start at 11.10am on Thursday.

Year 7G and Year 7B students may come to school later and start at 11am on Friday.

Some students may leave early but must proceed directly home:

Staggered Finish Times Years 7-10:

All students may leave at 2.05pm on Wednesday (as we will not have SRE or assembly).

Year 9 and 10 students may leave at 12.35pm on Monday.

Year 7Y and 7O students may leave at 12.35pm on Thursday. (Please note this is a change to the original email sent to parents and students)

Supervision will be provided for students that need to access school buses.

Public Transport / Buses

School buses will be running as normal.

Students may NOT gain priority on all public transport.

If a student is late due to transport, they will sign in and proceed to class. Students will not be penalised. Parents will be notified of lateness and absence.

Please speak to your daughter about safe practices on public transport and the need to regularly use hand sanitiser and perhaps masks. Students need to be aware that the general public will be very tense and concerned for their own wellbeing in the next weeks. Students must respect the space of the public, be polite at all times and practise social distancing while in public areas. If a member of the public is rude or aggressive, students should politely move away and report the matter to the school office on their arrival.

Student Drop Off / Pick Up: Please arrange to drop off or pick up your daughter at the back of the school or at a nearby location - Carlow St is ideal. Please do not use David Street or Hayberry St as parents have been booked in this area. Please drive very slowly and carefully as the streets will be very congested. This is going to be a very challenging time.

Uniform: Students are expected to wear full school uniform at all times. If concerned about being cold, please wear appropriate tops under shirts and of course navy pants are part of school uniform. Students will need to bring their PE uniform to school and change at school.

Practical Subjects: This applies to TAS, Visual Arts and Music classes for at least weeks 5 and 6. To maximise safety, practical projects will only be worked on where the students have been issued their own materials and equipment, or can bring in their own, eg scissors. Student work and equipment will be stored in the student's own box, bag or plastic sleeve and will be kept at school.

Food practicals will not go ahead for the next 2 weeks until we know that the hygiene issues can be managed. Teachers will offer alternatives such as demonstrations, sampling and taste testing. Teachers will make arrangements for year 12 students to ensure the completion of practical work.

Students in Years 11 and 12: may start the day with their first lesson and leave after their last timetabled period (they will need to sign out if not at 3.15pm).

Senior students will not be allowed to exit the school during the day.

In Week 5 the canteen and uniform shop will not be open. Students should bring all food and drink bottles for water.

Students and teachers may wear masks while in class.

A small number of teachers are unable to return to face to face teaching. These teachers will continue to teach from home (online) while students be in the classroom with a co-teacher. Teachers will team teach to ensure the students are learning and engaged.

We do look forward to seeing our students back at school but we do ask that all students respect our rules in relation to physical distancing with each other and their teachers. It is our highest priority to keep everyone safe at school.

Thank you again for your support and patience as we move into our next phase of learning.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Megan Connors