Edition 149 - Thursday 1st April 2021

From the Principal

As we approach the end of Term 1, I would like to wish everyone a well-deserved holiday and thank all members of our school community for their sustained efforts and achievements this term.

It has been a big term with the development and publication of the school’s Strategic Improvement Plan. Thank you to all school community members who have made a valuable contribution to this four-year plan. The plan can be accessed via the school’s website.

This week we have held year meetings to speak with students in Years 7-8 and sent emails to Years 9-10 about how to stay safe while engaged in online activities. With holidays approaching and students spending more time online, I encourage parents to speak with their daughters about online safety. The eSafetyCommissioner website (see link below) contains various resources to understand key issues and support young people to stay safe online.



Winter uniform starts at the beginning of Term 2 and will continue through until the end of Term 3. Students must be in full winter school uniform on their first day back - Tuesday 20th April. Please note that Monday 19th April is a Staff Development Day and there are no lessons. Staff will be engaging with the new Strategic Improvement Plan and focussing on Literacy, one of the initiatives from the SIP.

An Anzac Day ceremony will be held on the first Wednesday back – 21st April. Students are expected to be in full winter school uniform for this ceremony. At this event we will have a guest speaker and there will be presentations from Year 10 students who are studying History Elective.

Thank you to Ms Maria Kowalski who has been teaching Philosophy with us this term. We welcome Mr Con Kominos will be taking over from Ms Kowalski next term.

I encourage all students to continue to read widely over the holidays. Reading is a favourite pastime of mine and I have just finished “What Is to Be Done: Political engagement and Saving the Planet” by Barry Jones, published in 2020. This book is crucial reading for anyone who is concerned about the important issues of our times and outlines strategies for what can be done to effect change.

On behalf of Ms Connors, thank you again for your support in Term 1. Please keep safe and healthy as we enjoy the rest and relaxation of the holiday period.

Ms S Oyston
Relieving Principal