Edition 150 - Friday 30th April 2021

From the Principal

Thank you to Ms Oyston, Ms Tapp and Mr Stojanovic who relieved in higher positions to allow me to take my long service leave around the April holiday. It was wonderful to be able to step away and reflect on the amazing achievements NSGHS has made over the last two years. In all we do we aim higher and hope to live our motto “Ad Altioria”.

At the end of Term 1 we completed our Strategic Improvement Plan for the next 4 years. We also published our 2020 Annual Report. Both can be found on our school website:

Strategic Improvement Plan:  https://www.northsydgi-h.schools.nsw.edu.au/public/sites/default/files/2021-2024%20Strategic%20Improvement%20Plan.pdf

Annual Report:  https://www.northsydgi-h.schools.nsw.edu.au/public/sites/default/files/NSGHS%20Annual%20Report%202020.pdf

Students have led the development of our new vision statement:

Vision Statement

At North Sydney Girls High School we aspire to live our motto, Ad Altiora, "towards higher things" by striving to achieve our personal best in a learning environment which nurtures the growth of identity and promotes respectful, productive collaboration. In a landscape of high achievement and academic excellence, we encourage a culture of reflection and resilience that enables students to set and attain individual learning goals.

By valuing lifelong learning, we foster the development of a wide range of skills to empower a student's voice, embrace leadership potential and develop confidence and resilience in learning and in life. A student of North Sydney Girls will be a person who moves with confidence into the wider community, contributing proactively and making a positive difference to our society both while at school and in the future. In our school community, we embrace public education values of kindness, compassion and respect in all that we do.

We aim to create a community of inclusivity and belonging that builds productive relationships. In partnership with students, parents, staff, and the wider school community we strive to ensure that North Sydney Girls High School is recognised as a school of innovation that exhibits evidence-based practice in the teaching and learning of gifted students.

Ad Altiora

Yesterday was a very special day for North Sydney Girls HS. We were able to participate as a whole school in the Athletics Carnival. It was amazing to see the extremely high levels of participation and the joy (and exhaustion) that followed. Thank you everyone for ensuring the carnival was such a huge success. A special thank you to Ms Parnaby, the PDHPE faculty and all staff. Student helpers that ran all day passing results and messages were also appreciated.

Thank you to every student that participated. It was fantastic to see so many students ‘having a go’. Watching so many Year 12s throw the discus, shot-put etc at their last carnival was very special. Thank you to our House Office Bearers for your spirit and splashes of colour.

Netball began on Saturday. It is such a huge operation and the Netball Convening Team are to be congratulated on their fabulous effort. Again it was so wonderful to see the high levels of participation. It is so important to have parents supporting on the sidelines – it sends a very powerful message to your daughters. Thank you.

On Wednesday evening we held our P&C meeting both on zoom and in person at school. Thank you to those that could attend and thank you to Ms Susie Young, our Head Teacher English for her presentation.

We received the spectacular news last week that we have received a Metro Funding Grant from the NSW Government. In total we will begin a $700 000 laboratory refurbishment program of two labs and the prep rooms (of which the government will pay $420 000). We hope to fund with continued support from the P&C and also our fundraising efforts in the Foundation two additional labs (Block A) this phase and then begin Phase 2, two more labs (E Block). As well as the grant providing a Project Manager the timeline is very tight and we will see the completion of Phase 1 by July 2022. This is a huge boost to our infrastructure renewal plans and will allow us to move onto future projects such as the Food Technology Rooms (we need a more commercial kitchen facility) and other areas such as toilet blocks, shade structures and the canteen area.

I would like to thank every family that has been able to donate to our Foundation. If you would like to donate please look out for an email with the link.

This week we were able to officially induct our Charities and Social Justice Council and Student Representative Council. Both student leadership groups have been leading and serving the school since Term 4 last year but we were unable to hold an assembly to acknowledge their success. Congratulations to both groups of students.

Two very important NSG functions are now being planned for later this year. The SRC will host Mocktail Night – an evening that allows students in Years 11 and 12 to socialise and network with many of our Alumni. This year Mocktail Night will be held on the 24th June.

Charities Day will also occur on the last day of Term 2, 25th June. Charities Day allows the whole school to work together to raise funds for three identified charities. All year groups work in groups to provide one aspect of the day – selling food and drinks, providing entertainment, organising games, conducting beauty makeovers, doing craft and putting on a wonderful concert. Our Charities and Social Justice Council run this very important event.

Another important date to save is the 18th June – our Cross-Curricular Music program are proud to announce that we intend to hold our Gala Concert. This will be the first concert we have been able to share since the beginning of last year.

Please remind students that we are now in full winter school uniform. The school and playground can be cold and students are encouraged to wear layers under their uniform but not to wear hoodies. Jumpers, sports jackets and blazers are appropriate outer garments. Students are encouraged to wear navy blue pants (that can be purchased at Lowes) or tights under their skirts to help keep warm.

Wishing everyone a wonderful fortnight ahead.

Megan Connors