Edition 174 - Friday 12th August 2022

From the Principal

When I arrived at North Sydney Girls in 2019 I had many dreams and goals. Last night I witnessed the fulfilment of one of those dreams; the showcasing of our exceptionally talented students at the Chatswood Concourse Concert Hall. We were treated to a dazzling display of talent, dedication and teamwork. The ensemble pieces were challenging, exciting and thought- provoking. Our Music Captains, Eda Chiou and Monica Man, carried out their compere duties with poise and enthusiasm. I would like to thank our co-curricular music (CCM) committee who did a spectacular job in organising and helping run the event. Thank you to our amazing conductors - Steve Hillinger, Louise Horwood and Alayne Cleghorn. A special thank you must go to Edward McKnight for his leadership of the program, production of the concert, ensemble conducting and allowing us to premier his beautiful new composition, ‘Hold Fast’. Hearing the Acapella ensemble sing was a special treat. We have all been missing the sound of beautiful singing voices in recent years. It was wonderful to see so many Year 12 students performing as soloists and in ensembles. Thank you to all our parents, family members, students, staff and friends that filled the audience of the concert hall. It was truly a special night that must become an annual event!

The re-ignition and implementation of Charities Day last week was a huge success. Students and staff worked tirelessly together to raise funds and awareness for charity. A sense of fun, laughter and spirit was everywhere on the day. The Year 12 led talent quest was a memorable moment for all. It was wonderful to see the school alive with activity and joyfulness while at the same time contributing to those in need. I would like to thank our many sponsors who donated to ensure the success of our Charities Day 2022. An article written by the Social Justice and Charities Council will be included in this newsletter with more specific information.

Thank you to our Teacher Librarian, Mr Bill Cohen, for hosting the Selective Teacher Librarian conference on Monday. This fabulous event allowed the sharing of information and resources across many schools to ensure the needs of our gifted students are met. The keynote presentation by author and alum Ceridwen Dovey was inspirational, showcasing her amazing talent, humility and level of perseverance in following her passions. Ceridwen depicts our motto, Ad Altiora. As a Science Writer it was infectious to hear of her curiosity, how she collects her many ideas and the process of her writing. I would encourage our school community to explore her writing and films which can be found at https://www.ceridwendovey.com/.

Thank you to the many students who have taken part in the push-up challenge over the last month. As a school, we have completed 172,490 push-ups and raised $3,699. You are still able to bank push-ups and donate to the community. All funds raised will be going to Lifeline. To donate please go to the following link: https://www.thepushupchallenge.com.au/fundraisers/northsydneygirlshs 

The teams with the highest number of push-ups are:

  1. NSG Teachers Team – 27,864 push-ups
  2. Groupie – 23,920 push-ups
  3. The Agelai – 23,438 push-ups

The teams with the highest group averages are:

  1. J.S.L.M. – 3,139 push-ups each
  2. The uwu potatoes – 3,139 push-ups each
  3. Groupie – 2,658 push-ups each

Congratulations to each of these teams for their dedication throughout the course of the challenge. To mark the end of the challenge, the HOBs (our House Office Bearers) are hosting the NSG Guinness World Records (push up edition) today at lunch.

Events that were held include competitions to find:

  • Tallest person in the school
  • Shortest person in the school
  • Most push-ups in a minute
  • Most squats in a minute
  • Longest plank
  • Longest wall sit

NAIDOC week begins Monday (July 3rd – 10th) and is a wonderful opportunity to share our First Nation’s history and culture. As a school we are working towards creating our Reconciliation Action Plan. The theme this year is “Get up Stand Up Show Up” and more information can be found at https://www.naidoc.org.au/. Please encourage your child to take part in some of the wonderful, immersive experiences that will be happening next week in Sydney. The following links provide some fabulous activities:





Our 2021 Annual Report has been published on our school website. Please follow this link to download a copy - https://northsydgi-h.schools.nsw.gov.au/about-our-school/school-planning-and-reporting.html. While visiting our beautiful new website please take the time to enjoy the new sections and features that have been included. Along with the App and Newsletter, the website is a great source of information. Website can be found at https://northsydgi-h.schools.nsw.gov.au/.

Thank you students for your wonderful efforts in Term 2. My heartfelt gratitude to our amazing teachers and support staff that have been often called upon to do extra work to ensure we were able to cover every class and maximise every learning opportunity. Thank you to our parent body and particularly to those families who have donated to our Science Laboratory Refurbishment Program. We are 75% through Phase 1 and Phase 2 is ready to begin. We are still $200,000 short of our goal but hope to raise this in the next 6 months.

Please rest, encourage your child to relax and unwind. It is very important that junior students take a real break from schoolwork. Also important that all students meet up with their friends and enjoy going to the movies, bowling, picnics or perhaps some NAIDOC week activities.

Have a wonderful holiday

Megan Connors