Edition 182 - Friday 18th November 2022

From the Principal

We return with increased COVID restrictions, however, will try to retain most activities with covid-safe practices. We are still asking everyone to wear masks indoors, using our air filtration systems and ventilation and socially distancing where possible. We do encourage everyone to wear masks to and from school if on public transport. We have had to postpone some major events such as our Alumni Event Mocktail Night – which we will move to Thursday 15th September.

We do have a number of COVID cases in both the student and staff community. Unfortunately, Year 12, has been the hardest hit. We ask all students to stay home if they have cold/flu like symptoms and to RAT test if symptomatic.

Vaping is being widely used in the adolescent community and is present at our school. Please have a conversation at home with your child about the dangers of vaping. Testing has shown that vapes labelled 'nicotine-free' can have high nicotine levels. Students can think they are using nicotine-free vapes and can unknowingly quickly develop a nicotine addiction. More information can be found at https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/vaping .

At the end of last term, we celebrated our Showcase Concert at the Concourse. A wonderful video of the concert is now available to the Cross Curricular Music community. Again a huge thank you to our CCM Committee, our conductors and students who produced an event to be very proud of.

Congratulations to our Brain Bee Champions who won the NSW Brain Bee Competition late last term. The students achieved first in the team challenge and Sharon Jacobs came 3rd and Shreya Saravanan came 4th in the individual challenge. Seven Year 10 students performed exceptionally well. Congratulations to Ms O’Brien and the team Kim Do, Nina Hoh, Sharon Jacob, Rebecca Ju, Shreya Saravanan, Muhan Shi and Krishni Bulani.

Congratulations to our athletes who have performed well at Regional Athletics and thank you to Ms Parnaby for managing our team.

Last week we ran our GPs in Schools program for Year 11 – which is a fabulous chance for students to meet doctors and speak confidentially in their friendship groups with a doctor. Thank you to Mr Koksal for running this event as part of Year 11’s Life Ready program. A really useful relationship for students to build upon as they reach high school is their relationship with a local/family doctor. When I speak to many senior students, some who want to be doctors, many cannot remember the last time they visited or spoke to a doctor.

The Trial HSC exams are occurring. This is a very stressful time for students but is important practice for future HSC exams. They must be treated as a learning experience. Post trials it is very important that students work together with their classes and teachers to improve their understanding and ability to answer questions.

Wishing everyone a wonderful term ahead.

Megan Connors