Edition 178 - Friday 23rd September 2022

From the Principal

On the 24th August at 7pm the P&C will again host our Careers Advisors and also guests from ANU, UTS and UNSW to discuss various methods of entry into university including direct entry, early entry and alternative entry.

We recently went to tender for our Uniform Supplier as part of the standard Department of Education Uniform Supplier tender process. The School Locker, our new Uniform supplier will have a retail outlet in Berry Street, North Sydney. The accessibility of the new location, as well as a very successful click and collect system, distinguished our new supplier from Lowes. We will send instructions on how to access their online and retail services to all families next week. Please be patient while School Locker delivers our Uniform supplies.

We have now completed our Trial Examinations for all Year 12 courses and accelerated subjects. I was very impressed by the resilience and stamina of our students as they completed each exam. Students will now gain their feedback. As part of a free trial we have been accessing the resources of https://getatomi.com/au . These resources seem to be proving very helpful for revision and allow students valuable practise at multiple types of questions.

Year 10 completed their Minimum Standards testing which is a compulsory part of their 2024 HSC. A select number of Year 7 and Year 9 students participated in a recent trial of future NAPLAN questions. Thank you to our Head Teacher Administration Ms Kate Lovelace for her coordination of these exams.

We are still seeing increasing numbers of COVID cases and are still under some restrictions as to how we run activities. I have been so impressed by the compliance of our students in continuing to wear masks at school and have asked them to always protect themselves on public transport.

Unfortunately we did have to refund our Year 7 camp fee to Year 7 parents this week. We are still trying to find a venue for a camp late in Term 4 or early in Term 1, 2023. However, we felt it was necessary to return money to each family.

Our Year 12 Graduation will take place at 9.30am on Tuesday, 20th September and we hope that each Year 12 student can invite their parents. We will also livestream the event so that the entire school and extended family cam watch it. Please save this date if you are a Year 12 parent. You should have received an online 'Permission to Publish' consent form for your child to be filmed and photographed, please return to school as soon as possible.

Year 9 have completed their participation in the successful YAM (Youth Awareness of Mental Health) program. This program sees young people as the experts of their own mental health and seeks to give their voices and experiences a central role in developing peer-support within each school using role-play to discuss alternative options and actions for previous experiences to help develop emotional intelligence and problem-solving skills. This is the second year we have participated in this program that has been produced by the Black Dog Institute and implemented by the Department of Education.

I shared the following website with students this week https://headspace.org.au/tips/ and challenged all students to practise being kind to their friends and also themselves. Often we are very harsh critic of our own behaviour and adolescents judge themselves extremely harshly. It is important to help our students understand that is important to be “imperfect” and to “make mistakes.”

The Public Education Foundation is the source of a number of fabulous scholarships which can be accessed through the website https://www.publiceducationfoundation.org.au/scholarships/ . I have promoted the Harding Miller Scholarship to our current Year 8 students through an email to parents and students of Year 8. Applications close on the 14th September. https://www.hardingmillereducationfoundation.org.au/

Have a wonderful fortnight ahead.

Megan Connors