About us

The Association for Philosophy is Schools Association NSW has been active in Sydney for decades. Its aim is to improve the quality of the thinking that occurs in NSW classrooms and the quality of the pedagogy stimulating that thinking; to create optimal learning conditions for all students; and to build each student’s capacity to take advantage of those conditions. Achieving these outcomes requires that we:

● take account of the environment in which students’ learning occurs. Ouraim in this regard is to help develop a Community of Inquiry within the classroom based on the model provided in the work of John Dewey, Matthew Lipman and Lev Vygotsky.

● understand what it is that is likely to motivate students so that we problematise the curriculum in a way that makes learning meaningful to students.

● involve students in setting the agenda for their learning and in monitoring the processes and the quality of their own learning.

● develop students’ capacities for critical and creative thought via the explicit teaching of higher order thinking skills and reasoning strategies.