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The Association provides information sessions and workshops for schools interested in incorporating Philosophy into their teaching programs. This can be customised to the needs of your school and could be an after school introduction to philosophy or a half day/whole day school professional development day. Specific programs can be presented such as how to incorporate philosophy into curriculum planning days, or how to embed philosophy into Key Learning Areas such as Mathematics or Literacy. These workshops are presented by FAPSA accredited Teacher Educators.

Teachers wishing to expand and refine their skills are invited to enrol in the FAPSA Introductory Certificate course – Teaching Philosophy in Schools. This two day professional development training equips teachers to begin teaching philosophical inquiry within their classroom. For teachers who wish to further develop their skill set beyond the Introductory workshops, please consider the Advanced Practice workshops. The program of FAPSA workshops for 2022 can be found below. All workshops will be held at the Critical Thinking Quarters at Newington College, 200 Stanmore Road, Stanmore NSW 2048.

Term 1 Introductory Philosophy in Schools workshop Day 1 – 19 February
Introductory Philosophy in Schools workshop Day 2 – 26 February
Advanced Practice 1 (Ethics) – 2 April  
Term 2 Advanced Practice 2 (Metaphysics/Epistemology) – 4 June 
Term 3 Advanced Practice 3 (Reasoning) – 11 September
Term 4 Introductory Philosophy in Schools workshop Day 1 – 5 November
Introductory Philosophy in Schools workshop Day 2 – 12 November

Bespoke workshops can be arranged – please get in touch via

FAPSA Accredited Teacher Educators:

  • Jennifer Edwards – Education Consultant
  • Dr Britta Jensen – Co-director, Centre for Critical Thinking and Ethics, Newington College
  • Kate Kennedy White – Resident Philosophy Teacher – Wyvern House, Newington College, Sydney
  • Dan Muir-Smith – Relieving Principal – Leichhardt Public School, Sydney
  • Associate Professor Matthew Del Nevo – Dean of Sydney College of Divinity (part time) and secondary teacher
  • Janine Timillero – Diverse Learning Coordinator / HSIE Teacher – St Patrick’s College Strathfield