North Sydney Girls has a proud history of debating, both on a school and individual level. The art of public speaking is encouraged and instructed from as early as Year 7, with many school programs being run to incorporate all students, such as the Year 8 debating day run by the English faculty.

From Year 9 onwards, grade teams are selected through trial debates offering students the unique opportunity of building debating experience with other competent speakers. From Year 10 onwards North Sydney Girls takes part in competition debates with other public schools, such as the Karl Cramp Debating Competition in Year 11 and the Hume Barbour in Year 12.

The school also offers many individual opportunities for its students to excel in extracurricular debating circles, such as selection to the Junior State Debating Squad, and the CHS combined team. 

However girls can also be involved in debating if they do not make the grade team by being involved in the Hills Debating Competition, at which our school performs extraordinarily well.

Debating is an important activity and beneficial art to be involved in as it builds confidence, school spirit, teamwork skills and is lots of fun.