The School Council is a body that consists of the Principal, the President of the P&C, two parent members, three school staff members, two community members, one OGU member, and two student members of North Sydney Girls.

The Council has many roles which shape the school and the school community. It is in the Council where there is a free exchange of views of all the stakeholder groups at the school, in recognition of the fact that the school is a public community asset. The Council's role is also to support and assist the Principal and determine the School's broad budget priorities, and provide an opportunity for all members of the School Community to make their priorities known in the context of the educational aims of the school, its organisation and the available resources. The Council also establishes effective linkages with other school/community committees, amongst many of its other roles in North Sydney Girls High.

Some initiatives of the School Council include:

  • The renovation of the school library
  • The establishment of another crossing on Pacific Highway for greater road safety
  • The celebration of the school's 100th anniversary